Piezolith 3000

Urology / ESWL

The PiezoLith 3000 is the result of continuous research and development by Richard Wolf – the most innovative manufacturer of piezoelectric shock-wave systems.
The most obvious feature, the small and ergonomic construction of the piezoelectric shock wave source was made possible by our newly developed two-layer technology. The most important qualitative features are its performance data and an unusually long working life. Our ESWL/ESWT product groupPiezoLith/PiezoSon ranges from the high-endPiezoLith 3000 to the PiezoSon 100, worldwide the smallest focused ESWT unit.

The PiezoLith 3000 generates the shock wave energy for highly effective and painless treatment using several thousand piezo elements. These are arranged as a mosaic and aligned exactly with the therapy focus.
The well-defined focal zone means optimum protection of the tissue in the immediate vicinity. 

Fig.1) Variable focus: With the new Wolf High Power therapy source, the focus can be adapted to the size of the stone. This new feature allows gentle and efficient treatment without anaesthesia. Wolf High Power therapy source: Easy to detach with integrated ultrasound probe for real-time monitoring.

Lithoarm: For precise and stable mounting of the therapy power source. The C-arm can be used as a separate unit when the therapy unit is swivelled out of the X-ray area.

Powerful and versatile ultrasound diagnostic devices. Can also be used as stand-alone units.

Table for ESWL applications – convenient and simple to operate.

Comfort stretcher: Due to its low height, patients with restricted mobility have no problems getting onto the table. 

Thanks to its multifunctionality, additional procedures can be performed in conjunction with the X-ray unit.

Uro table with cantilever CFK table top for patients up to 180 kg


Stone location
Caliceal stone
Urinary stone
Bladder stone
  • Kidney stones
  • Ureteric stones
  • Bladder stones
  • Induratio penis plastica

Additional indications:

Gallstone location
Salivary stone location
Salivary stones
  • Gallstones
  • Common bile duct stones
  • Pancreatic stones
  • Salivary stones (sialolith)