Our History



As TVL Medical Systems, we had started our business from 1998 as a local partner for GEMS in the South of Vietnam. We are proud of as one of soonest private owner company in Vietnam gets the license to work in Medical Equipment field by the Ministry of Health. 

In 2002, we become An Phuc Trading & Technology Co., Ltd (APTTech). With this change of name, also come a change of strategy. At this time, APTTech was a leader in Medical imaging solutions. We decided to expand our activities to all fields of the hospital concerning medium range, so that they can work with just one supplier for a total solution. Therefore, we were changing strategy by reduce the business cooperation with multi national company as GEMS. We were more focusing on the small and medium manufacturers, which is more dedicated in their products and also more suitable with APTTech and local market conditions.

To aim this new strategy, we started a new cooperation with Esaote Biomedical(Italy)(including Pie Medical, Netherland) to be able to provide high quality ultrasound equipment. 

In 2003, we open a new branch in Hanoi to cover the North of Vietnam market, while the head office in Ho Chi Minh City is responsible for the South and the middle area of the country.

The same year, we also started working with Richard Wolf (Germany), to meet requirements of the hospitals in surgery endoscopy.

In 2004, Quantum Medical Imaging also became a new partner, for high end conventional X-ray products. Meantime, we expand our offer for diagnostic endoscopy systems by a new cooperation with Fujinon, which change into FujifilmEndoscopy(Japan) now.


In 2005, we also started providing DR solutions with IDC (Canada).

In 2008, the mammography comes to our products range, thanks to the collaboration with Planmed Oy (Finland). 

In 2009, we entering the ICU equipment field by collaboration with Air Liquid Medical Systems (France) for ventilators, Dameca (Denmark) for anaesthesia systems, and Merivaara (Finland) for operating tables and operating lights. We also add other products for ultrasound dedicated to cardiology, made by Kontron(France).



In 2010, we continue to improve our solutions for ICU equipment by adding the monitors of Mennen Medical in our catalog. 

Nowadays, APTTech has numerous business partners from all over the world, which give us the capacity to providing a total solution for almost all requirements of hospitals. In 10 years, APTTech become a leader company in medical equipment provider in Vietnam, and now focuse to expand it market outside the frontiers