Our Organisation

APTTech Medical Systems is composed of 3 departements of about 30 employees in HCM City:

- Financial & Logistic

– Sales

- Technical
In Hanoi, there are 2 departments of about 20 employees:

– Sales

– Technical
The main force of our company is it organisation in teams who work together. Thanks to this strong unity, we are able to take care of everything concerning the equipment of 500 hospitals for the whole country of Vietnam, spread from the North China border to the South Delta river area.

Our financial department handle the accountancy of our 2 offices, in HCM City and Hanoi.
They manage all the financial operations of the company. 
Furthermore, they offer solutions for hospitals which need equipments but do not have all the funds available right now to plan their payment according to their budget. 
The logistic part is responsible for arranging for all kind of transportation to import equipment from all manufacturers implanted all over the world to any hospital site.

They prospect hospitals in the country which would need a single equipment or a total solution.
They also work in cooperaty with local partners, therefore they can fullfill to more demands from the hospitals thanks to the numerous products available in APTTech’s products range. Furthermore, these local partners can count on the technical experts from APTTech to repair all the kind of products.  

They take charge of all documents required for the sale. 
They answer to all the questions of the hospitals about the accountancy, and they help them to handle it. 
They also translate the documents  in vietnamese.

This team made of commercials and engineers experts in medical equipment is able to answer to all technical questions of the hospitals and help them to choose the products the more suitable for them.
They also organise demonstrations in the hospitals for doctors who wants to see the products working, with the more expert technicians of the concerning system.