Based on the revolutionary MyLab™ modular architecture, the MyLab™50 Family is available in various configurations, including the new MyLab™50 XVision.

The MyLab™50 XVision is equipped with a specially engineered LCD monitor, perfectly adapted to the video characteristics of the system, able to produce unmatched image quality, combined with specific technologies embedded in the software:

• modular architecture and ergonomic design

• friendly user interface

• 19″ high-performance LCD

• application-dedicated probes with multi-frequency broadband capability

• linear, convex, phased and endocavity probes

• XStrain™ – Strain-Strain Rate top analysis technique for myocardial function evaluation

• integrated stress echo

• X4D real-time technology for eXtended 3D-4D advanced OB/GYN imaging in volumetric scanning

• 200° Endocavity Transducer

• TEI™ – Tissue Enhancement Imaging (EC probe included)

• CnTI™ – Contrast Tuned Imaging for contrast media procedures (EC probe included)

• RF-QIMT – Quality Intima Media Thickness for early detection of cardio-vascular diseases

• TVM – Tissue Velocity Mapping for LV motion analysis

• XView – eXtreme View with real-time adaptive algorithm

• MView – combined standard and steered ultrasound imaging to detect all anatomical structures

• Tp-View for enlarged field of view, specially in breast and vascular exams

• CMM – Compass M-Mode

• VPan – eXtended field of view

• Framingham Risk Score Calculator in Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

• second physio trace interface for blood pressure measurements

• high performance triplex mode

• extended adaptable measurements & reports package

• advanced Cardiac package

• advanced OB/GYN package

• calipers for Nuchal Thickness (NT) measurements (early detection for Down syndrome risk factor)

• automatic optimization of image processing to improve the operator’s comfort

• advanced research tools

• visual comparison modality to compare different exams

• multiview modality for multiple image visualization

• clips and images quality export

• advanced digital archiving and limitless connectivity

• integrated CD/RW and USB port for transferring clinical data

• MyLab™ Desk, BioPACS™ and Org@nizer™ Suite image management

• Windows® platform and DICOM compatibility

• IHE certification (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise)

• post-processing workstation

The use of contrast agents in the USA is limited by FDA to left ventricle opacification and visualization of the left ventricular endocardial border.

Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.