Engineered on the MyLab™ World license-based modular architecture, the MyLab™15/20 Family is extremely flexible and offers a wide range of application packages and optional features to meet every user’s specific needs.
Engineered with Esaote’s ESA-DYN technology and second generation adaptive filters, the black & white image quality is truly exceptional for a system in its price class, and the modern design houses a powerful diagnostic tool that produces high-sensitivity Color and PW Doppler:
    •    flexible module architecture
    •    friendly user-interface
    •    three transducer ports for convex, linear and endocavity probes
    •    LCD configuration to increase user comfort while reducing eyestrain
    •    TEI™ – Tissue Enhancement Imaging to improve image resolution by minimizing artefacts, available on all probes
    •    Just 4D, a complete, easy-to-use real-time 4D obstetric imaging option, including DVD recording functions
    •    ob/gyn application package with various measurement and reporting options
    •    200° field-of-view endocavity probe
    •    Mother-Child Database, the internal database for saving fetal data each visit to be viewed and analyzed throughout the pregnancy
    •    license-based application modules
    •    extended connectivity and DICOM compliance
    •    modern USB/CD/DVD storage
    •    MyLab™ Desk image and data management