IMAGIC Maestro

 •    A renewed concept of ultrasound:
unparalleled completeness and modularity matched with smart versatility for wide range of use
    •    Modular configurations:
every user can define a customized solution to provide a valuable answer to any clinical need
    •    Compactness and easy mobility:
to fit the today user demands and provide easy transportation solution
    •    Connectivity and data sharing:
at the top of this class, an updated suite of features allow faster and safer integrated diagnoses

IMAGIC Maestro is the latest expression of a renewed concept of ultrasound units presented by Kontron Medical Systems where unparalleled completeness and modularity match smart versatility for a wide range of use.
High-level of performance and features derived by the reference cardiovascular systems are the base of the innovative platform.
The modular configurations and the licensebased architecture allow every user to define a customized solution, providing a valuable answer to any clinical need.
The main characters of the system are completed by innovative ergonomics and design: the extended control panel includes high performance adjustable LCD, back lighted keyboard, probe and gel holders, easy-access to probe connectors and peripherals location.

Furthermore, IMAGIC Maestro is equipped with K-Magic, the innovative Kontron Medical solution able to concentrate the most used functions in one unique control key, ensuring increased exam comfort and reduced operation time.
The innovative adjustable trolley ensures extreme compactness, adaptability and mobility which perfectly fit the today user demands.
When collapsed, it represents an easy transportation solution. Connectivity and data sharing are at the top of this class and provide an updated suite of features such as Real Time Archiving Capability, Large Internal Hard Disk, USB Memory Storage Ports, Integrated CD/DVD Writer. Furthermore, IMAGIC Desk provides an external solution to be installed on any PC, for further post-processing, measurement, data archiving and back-up.
IMAGIC Maestro provides advanced clinical solutions for multi-purpose use, ensuring high-level of performance, maximum compatibility for faster and safer integrated diagnoses.